Some Thoughts on Giving Tuesday

AKA-Do something every day.

I’d like to offer this as a reference for ways outside of giving to huge charities.

Not long ago, a friend asked my opinion about ways to make a difference because she feels lost and hopeless in our post Trumpfuckian nightmare of a timeline.

These are my personal feelings about making a difference.

When I want to make a contribution financially, I tend to avoid large charities. I don’t have time to vet them all and I know very well that many of them are problematic. I know from talking with marginalized folks that many of them have been turned away or been unable to get help, I’ve had that experience so aside from say Planned Parenthood and a few local shelters, I don’t give to big money charity.

If you are the sort of person who has the time and energy to vet a charity, don’t stop get it get it. Make sure you get the proper documentation for your taxes.

When I have the ability to financially, I prefer to help individual people survive. Especially those in my immediate community. So many of us are struggling. I’m not even talking like, buying a car struggling. I’m talking buying groceries when we need them, having our heat on, getting to and from work, being able to medicate ourselves or our children. Real. Struggle.

I’m not talking think-piece I was sort of poor in college type poverty. I’m talking about getting texts or messages from friends who are in tears because they opted to eat rather than other things.

Right now in our political climate in the US, folks like me are not only dealing with our usual shit but also the added terror of worrying about being attacked, watching our White “allies” forget how to say White Supremacy, being called on for extra emotional/intellectual labor, having to (for my fellow writers this one is especially terrible right now) watch our White lady ‘allies’ do the most in order to get our help/labor for their own work and they offer nothing in return.

So, how can you make a difference?

Help folks out.

Here are some concrete, immediate steps you can take for #givingtuesday or for any day you have some spare money or time.

  1. ) Donate a few dollars.
  2. ) Spread the word. Boost the signal. Post stuff like, “hey this is an awesome person and they need help to survive. Donate or Boost or both!” For ease, here’s what I suggest. Make a notepad or other memo doc, cut and paste folks payment links. Keep it handy and when the mood strikes share away.
  3. ) If you’re feeling super flush, try donating to a random Gofundme or youcaring.
  4. ) If you are uncomfortable giving, try buying. A lot of us are indie artists and writers and we need it.

Okay below you’ll find resources gathered by my dear friend Aaminah Shakur.

You can also find portions of this list here on FB. And please, do not bother Aaminah if you see someone/thing you don’t like. Or ask them for labor for you. Don’t do it. You can share that post with your friends.

Shakur Arts$aaminahshakur

Sumayyah Talibah

Lavender Kitchen Sink Collective

Love & Light Healing

veining butler art

Noemi Ixchel Martinez


Ms Andy’s Bath House

Zena, Warrior D.J

Love Lola Knits

Citrine Femme Childbirth

My Inspired Truth

Nebular Art & Craft

Cat’s Eye Designs

Shiri Eisner — Professional English-Hebrew/Hebrew-English translator
biz email-

Doing a Knit

Daddy Lesson’s Art

The Crafty Cuban


Tina Zafreen Alam

Autism service dog for The Ham

Alyssa Smith

If you are a marginalized person in need, please share yours here too.

There you go. Direct, impactful actions.

Feel free to reference this as often as you need to. Share it far and wide. Help us live. And as always you can find my info up top.

I write a lot of stuff.

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