Halloween Special- Feed Baby

Shannon Barber
4 min readOct 23, 2021


To celebrate my fave holiday.

[image description: a beautiful mansion under a pink grey sky. Photo by Bruce Reyes-Chow from Pexels]

Part I

“Are you okay honey?” Mel sat next to her wife on the couch and kissed her forehead. The other woman smiled and looked tired, “I will be. I’m just hungry. Work will pick up soon. I think I’m gonna take a nap.” They kissed and Mel tucked her wife in and crept out of the room to pace in the living room. Things had been tight; they were floating but things weren’t great. While Shanice slept, Melissa got to work.

Mel made a pot of coffee, fed the cat and started in. She hit up all the usual channels, reddit, facebook, twitter and started to write up a new outline for their youtube channel and other social media. Income wise, things were going great. With Mel’s expertise and Shanice’s beautiful face and body, they had been able to let go of their corporate jobs, they moved into a beautiful apartment with their noisy cats, there was just that one thing.

“Babe the oh shit phone is ringing.” Shanice sat on the living room floor meditating while the work phone chirped in the office, Mel sprinted from the kitchen and forced herself to take a slow breath before answering. “Castillo-Vera Investigations, this is Melinda how can we help?” She waited, working not to sound too excited. “Hello, my name is Arthur Spanghaur, I um, I think I need your help.” Mel recognized the name but just listened to the story, it was perfect.

After she turned to find Shanice peering around the doorjamb, “so?” Mel grinned and shook her tits as she spoke, “I’m going to the mother fucking Spanghaur estate.” Shanice’s mouth dropped, she gaped, her eyes on her wife’s swinging breasts. “No. Way. No freakin way, the Spanghaur estate, holy shit.” Mel nodded, “holy shit.” After a beat they skipped into the living room, Shanice flipped the stereo on and they danced, “this is it babe. The big show.”

On the day Mel wore her favorite power outfit. She wore her short hair in her serious young Republican style, parted on one side, gelled and perfect. Shanice did her make up, “this is the business fuck special. You like?” Mel examined herself in the mirror, made a face, “oh god I look so white. Okay, gimme kiss for good luck.” They kissed. “Okay now touch my butt.” Shanice squeezed Mel’s butt and nodded.

They had a ritual. Mel always did the meet and initial walk throughs. She showed up at the estate right on time in her smart Suburu, Mr. Spanghaur stood outside waiting and watching her park and get out. She saw his expression tighten before he put his nice face back on. “Hello Ms, Cas-til-o.” Mel smiled wide, “Mrs. Castillo-Vera actually, it is so nice to meet you Mr. Spanghaur. If we can help you, we will.” Pleasantries done, Mr. Spanghaur gestured at the front door of the dour looking house, “uh if it is all the same to you, I’d rather not go inside. My assistant wrote this up for you. If you’ll excuse me.”

She watched him leave and sat on the edge of a flowerpot to look through the packet of papers. It was neat and businesslike, a bullet point list of rooms and the things that happened in them. Not quite what they usually got but it was workable. She walked inside and was hit immediately with the hard oppressive atmosphere in the house. She squared her shoulders and headed deeper in.

Deeper in the house things got worse. The entire west hall was full of cold heavy air. Everything she’d been taught about the presence of the sort of things that had never been human, most called them demons or inhuman spirits. The air stank of rotting meat, sulfur, as she stepped around a corner, she confronted an enormous black mass in a doorway. She could feel the current of hate and bitter loathing it carried, she’d seen enough.

Outside a young nervous looking man in a crisp button down waited, “I’m so sorry Mr. Spanghaur had to leave. Did you find what you were um, looking for?” She watched his gaze flicker up, he tried to hide the nervous flare of his nostrils and she smiled at him. “Oh yes. We’ll be back in a week, here is the list of things we need done for prep, please if you are unable to accommodate anything on the list let us know so we can plan. We also must have Mr. Spanghaur here for the ritual, it is his house. Please go over our terms with him and if he agrees, my wife and I will be back in one week.”

When she got home Shanice was waiting with snacks. Mel teased her a little and took her sweet time taking of her shoes at the door, greeting the dog, putting her purse away, she counted down until Shanice came squealing at a run. “Mel, Mel, Melinda what happened?” Melinda turned and took her wife by the hands, “we’re rich bitch!” Shanice’s eyes widened, “really? Was it as good as they say?” Melinda pulled her close and they slow danced while the dog ran around them wagging his tail.

“Baby, this is it.”

— -

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